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This Brittany Mahomes-Approved Sensory Toy Keeps Baby Bronze Engaged & Entertained — & It’s Only $10

Brittany Mahomes is quickly becoming our go-to expert for the best toys out there. I mean, there was the epic indoor rollercoaster and the ice cream maker bath toy. Now she’s shared a super versatile sensory toy that is great for the playroom or to keep in a diaper bag or stroller (such as the genius 2-in-1 stroller and car seat she has for Bronze).

The fitness trainer and wife of the NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes shared a boomerang on Instagram of her two kids — Sterling, 2 and Bronze, 8 months — sitting on the couch with their toys. Sterling was clutching a Jellycat frog, and Bronze was entranced with a pull-string sensory toy. The Saturn-shaped toy has multiple facets that keep kids engaged.

Silicone strings with different textures can be pulled through the center sphere, and there are “popping” fidget bubbles and rings. The latter components sit along the exterior rim. Each part of the toy has different textures, engaging Bronze’s sense of touch. The bright colors keep his eyes moving around the toy to improve his visual and cognitive development, and the spinning rings act like a rattle of sorts, teaching him cause and effect (“If I shake this, I will hear a noise”). It’s also great for improving gross and fine motor skills.

You can see in the boomerang that he only has eyes for the toy, completely blocking out his mom and sister.

Image: Xinwem

Brittany and Bronze Mahomes aren’t the only ones who give this toy a thumbs up.

“My baby boy absolutely loves this toy he has two and he’s extremely happy with it he takes it everywhere,” one happy shopper said. “I have seen him sit for a good half hour and play with all of the different components. If he’s occupied, happy, and not worried about screen time then I say this toy is a win. Very happy with this.”

Xinwem Baby Sensory Pull String Toy

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