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12 Celebs Who Became Besties With Their Ex’s New Partner

When two people go through a breakup, no matter how tough it is, being able to be friends with one another is one of the biggest signs of maturity. After all, they managed to put their past behind them to continue respecting each other to be in each other’s lives.

Even more than that, some celebrities took maturity to a whole new level as some celebrities became friends with their ex’s current partners. Among our favorite celebrity duos that fit that bill are Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom‘s ex-wife, and Katy Perry, Bloom’s fiancée, Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin‘s ex-wife, and Dakota Johnson, Martin’s girlfriend, and Demi Moore with both of the current wives of his exes, Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher.

Check out all the stars who are besties with their ex’s partners below!

Taylor Swift & Tay Lautner

For Tay Lautner, a longtime Taylor Swift fan, being friends with her when she married Taylor Lautner was a no-brainer. Most recently, at the Eras Tour show in Kansas City, the three showed just how mature they are as they walked onstage and posed for pictures together. In our favorite shot of the night, the three Taylors are seen reenacting the classic Spider-Man meme. “Tonight was wild,” the Twilight alum wrote in the Instagram caption.

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