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14 Celebrities Who’ve Dished About the First Jobs They Worked as a Teen

While working a job as a teenager may not be the most fun use of time, the values and responsibilities learned through employment at an early age build integrity and an appreciation for workers across all levels of the workforce. Many people believe everyone should be required to work a job in customer service, and these celebrities who worked common jobs as teenagers prior to becoming some of the world’s most famous individuals would agree.

From Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s first gig at 13 as a dishwasher to Eva Longoria, Rachel McAdams, and Gwen Stafani working at fast food restaurants, many of Hollywood’s elite have an appreciation for taking up a job as a teen. In fact, Longoria started working at Wendy’s ahead of her Quinceañera because she wanted to be able to pay for the celebration on her own. Similarly, Savannah Guthrie’s parents expected her to have a part-time job for activities and items she desired as a teen, making it clear that the money for her extracurriculars wouldn’t be coming from them.

It’s not all silver spoons for every celebrity, and these stars have spoken about the gigs they worked to make ends meet before earning more money than they could have ever dreamed of later in their careers. From the job Cardi B worked while balancing high school and community college classes to the highly unique role Taylor Swift fulfilled on her dad’s Christmas tree farm, read on to learn about the first jobs several celebs worked before launching to superstardom.

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