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Joanna Gaines Has a Stunning New Montessori-Inspired Toy Line at Target & We’re Buying It All

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She’s done it again! Joanna Gaines has created a Hearth & Hand collection for Target that has given us everything we didn’t quite know we needed in the aesthetic we absolutely crave. In her latest line, the genius interior designer from HGTV’s Fixer Upper and co-founder of Magnolia has created a swoon-worthy lineup of Montessori toys.

Wooden toys like these, which feature light and neutral colors, are all the rage right now. The beautiful, simple designs fit so seamlessly into the chic aesthetic parents are already going for in their homes, and we could all do with a little less plastic.

Plus, we love a Montessori toy. Wondering what the heck that means? It’s a toy that leans into the Montessori model of learning which encourages curiosity and sensory-based learning. A Montessori toy is meant to engage a kid, encouraging them to experiment with the pieces and hone their gross and fine motor skills. Ideally, they should be able to play with the toy independently so they can really tap into their own creativity and imagination. Basically, it’s any interactive, screen-free toy they can build and play with on their own.

As per usual, Gaines hit the nail on the head with this line (quite literally with this tool bench) and we’re adding it all — especially our favorites below! — to our cart.

Rainbow Wooden Block Stacker

We are so obsessed with these rainbow blocks that trade in the bright ROY G BIV for muted tones. Kids can build the rainbow vertically, flat on a table, let the pieces teeter totter on their curves, or (as intended) come up with their own way to play.

Toy Rainbow Wooden Block Stacker

Weather Station

Image: Hearth & Hand/Target

Kids can track the weather IRL or in their imaginary world with this 15-piece weather station that has velcro pieces, dials, and scales to enhance their motor skills. And not only is it a Montessori win, but it’s also a STEM one too!

Toy Weather Station

Tool Bench Playset

Image: Hearth & Hand/Target

With this workbench, kids can tap into their inner Chip Gaines and “fix” their other toys using saws, wrenches, mallets, and the other tools that come in this 32-piece set. After assembly, they can run their workshop on their own.

Toy Tool Bench Playset

Woodland Animal Figurine Set

Image: Hearth & Hand/Target

C’mon. How cute are these woodland animals? Yes they’re affordable, and yes we like that they aren’t plastic, but the beauty is what really sold us on these. Because sometimes you just have to buy the beautiful thing that brings you (and your kid!) joy. Simple as that.

Toy Woodland Animal Figurine Set

Chicken Coop Set

Image: Hearth & Hand/Target

Your kids’ animals need a place to live and sleep, don’t they? And in the world of imaginative play, woodland creatures can live alongside chickens and chicks in a coop that has an especially fun ramp on the side.

Toy Chicken Coop Set

Train Track Set

Image: Hearth & Hand/Target

We cannot get over how truly stunning this train set is. There are 84 pieces including not only the tracks and trains, but sweet little buildings and houses, lamposts, a windmill (our personal favorite piece), and more details to create an ever-changing idyllic town.

Toy Train Track Set

Building Blocks Set

Image: Hearth & Hand/Target

You didn’t think the rainbow blocks were the only ones, did you? This versatile pastel set is what Pinterest-worthy playroom dreams are made of. And how satisfying is it that they fit perfectly inside their wooden box? We always give bonus points to toys that can be easily corraled into their included storage.

Toy Building Blocks Set

Cash Register Set

This toy register is so beautiful we just want to throw all our money at it. Especially the felt bills that it comes with! The wooden crank opens the drawer, the price checker is super fun (duh), and with the calculator, money, and chalk for writing down prices, you can easily sneak some math into playtime

Toy Cash Register Set

Indoor Grilling Playset

Step aside, play kitchen! And enter the ultra-fun play grill. This 18-piece set is perfect for preparing an imaginative barbecue, and we also love that all the flat surfaces can double as play areas for other toys. Thank you for the dual-purpose ingenuity, Gaines!

Kids’ Indoor Grilling Playset

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