How To Safely Power Wash Your Brick House

There are homeowners who are die-hard fans of brick walls and if you’re one of them you know that brick walls, despite their timeless beauty, can get murky over time ruining the aesthetics of your home. How do you keep your brick walls looking new? Cleaning brick walls is simple yet tricky because if you don’t do it right you’ll run the risk of destroying the bricks. One of the ways to keep your brick walls clean is through pressure washing boca raton. However, you have to be familiar with pressure washers and how to use them before attempting to clean your brick walls. Here’s what you need to do to ensure that your bricks are safe while you’re cleaning them.

Step 1: Patch It Up

At least seven days before THE cleaning day evaluate your brick walls closely and check to see if there are compromised mortar joints. If you find several cracked joints patch it up. Waiting for a week until pressure washing your walls is enough to let it dry and restore the integrity of your brick wall, read more about brick wall innovation by clicking here. Why is this necessary? Well, patching up cracked and broken joints will stop water from seeping inside. When water gets inside it will create a suitable environment for mold and mildew to thrive.

Step 2: Soak Your Brick Walls

Before adding any soap or detergent you must soak the walls first. To make sure that all surfaces are evenly soaked we recommend you gently spray it with water starting from the bottom going up. This technique is important for even soaking.

Step 3: Add Your Detergent

When selecting a detergent, don’t just use any detergent in the house. Find the one that is specifically designed for brick cleaning. When you wind up using the wrong detergent, the dirt will cling to your mortar more and it will make it harder for you to remove it. Apply the detergent by spraying it following the same pattern, from bottom to the top. Wait for at least five to ten minutes before you start pressure washing your bricks to give the detergent time to soak in. The secret to cleaning brick and mortar is to use more soap than water. Applying soap will loosen the dirt fast.

How To Safely Power Wash Your Brick House

Step 4: Manually Brush Stubborn Stains

If after applying the detergent there are still dirt and stains left we recommend you use a scrub brush to remove them instead of pressure washing the stains. Removing stains with a scrub brush will help loosen the dirt.

Step 5: Rinse Using A Pressure Washer

Once the bricks have already absorbed the detergent it is now time to rinse it with a pressure washer. A pattern has to be strictly followed so as not to damage the bricks. Use a gentle spray pattern when removing soap from the walls but this time it should be from the top to the bottom. Avoid spraying on a single spot but rather do it in a circular fashion until all traces of dirt have been removed.

Step 6: Application of Brick and Mortar Sealant

After you’re done rinsing, give it some time to dry. When your brick wall is already dry your last step is to apply a brick and mortar sealant to prolong the lifespan of your bricks. Aside from increasing its longevity you can think of it as a wax and seal coat for your car. It keeps your bricks looking nice.

There you have it, easy to follow pressure washing tips to ensure that your bricks are safe while you clean them.