4 Landscaping Ideas to Add Privacy to Your Yard

While folks in the rural areas aren’t too concerned about privacy, those who live in densely populated cities crave for it. Now that people who live in highly urbanized areas virtually live on top of each other, having an outdoor space that screens out nosy neighbors with huge staring problems, is a luxury that only a few lucky ones get to have. If all you’ve ever wanted is to have some private time in your yard while you relax in peace and comfort, you might want to consider changing your landscaping design. Here are some of the best landscaping ideas that would add privacy to your outdoor oasis.

Using Plants to Have More Privacy in Your Yard


If you want to have privacy as quickly as you can, consider planting bamboo around your yard, whether in the ground or in decorative pots that suit your fancy. Due to the fact that it grows at a high rate of speed, it’s only a matter of time until you can have your own full privacy screen. Another good thing about bamboo is its price. Compared to other options, it’s relatively budget-friendly. You can find a variety of choices for bamboo in the market. To achieve the best results, just make sure that the type of bamboo you choose matches the climate in your area. Also, your nosy neighbors may not be too happy if the bamboo spreads rapidly to their yards.

4 Landscaping Ideas to Add Privacy to Your Yard

Acmena Smithii

You can choose to grow this plant in hedgerows or even as a shrub. Its thick foliage and the fact that it can reach the height of 16 feet and the width of approximately 20 feet makes it one of the best natural privacy screens you can find. Furthermore, it produces clusters of cream-colored flowers during the summer season and it bears fruit during the winter season. Another thing that makes this plant stand out from the rest is its ability to survive during periods of drought. However, it’s best to prune it back at a young age because it can be quite challenging to do so when it grows too high. Also, several types of moth species find this plant attractive.

Vertical Garden Beds

If you want a more modern approach to your landscaping project while maximizing space, keeping your neighbors at bay, and enjoying your very own green space, creating vertical garden beds whether directly in-ground or above ground, would make such a fine addition to your landscaping design, watch how to make vertical garden at

. This is an ideal choice for renters. You can train various types of plants to grow up a trellis or a fence. As long as these plants find a solid structure to grab onto and get properly watered, they can easily thrive. However, you need to choose the kinds of plants that can potentially become invasive by spreading more than what you’ve expected.

Tiered Planting

One of the most popular landscaping design options that could effectively screen out your neighbors while adding beauty to your outdoor space is tiered planting. It involves planting layers of tall trees and shrubs around the borders of your yard before you add another layer of medium-sized shrubs and the last layer of smaller-sized ones in front. However, in most cases, tiered planting requires the finesse of a professional landscaper.