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Eva Longoria Says Only She Could Tell the Story of Richard Montañez in ‘Flamin’ Hot’

From serving as an extra on sets, to taking roles with one to two lines, to starring in the hit TV series Desperate Housewives show, and to now directing her first feature film, Eva Longoria’s career has come full circle. But she told us in an interview last month, “I didn’t want to just go do a feature. I want to really add value to whatever story was going to be told.”

And so it wasn’t until she read about how one Frito-Lay employee, Richard Montañez, rose the ranks from janitor to marketing executive by working on the development of the Flamin’ Hot Cheeto, that the 48-year-old mom of one perked up. “I immediately knew I was the only person who could tell this story,” she said of the film which will be out June 9. “I really felt that in my bones. I was like, ‘This I know. This I can add value. This world I can build out because I’m from it.’ ”

Longoria described her directorial debut as “magical,” adding, “It was a privilege to be able to tell his story, to show him in the movie at the end.” Just in time for her return to the red carpet for the film, the Mexican-American actress also partnered with InMode, a leading global provider in medical technologies, to promote its minimally invasive treatments.

“I live an active lifestyle and take the absolute best care of my body, however following the birth of my son, I noticed physical changes that I couldn’t address through my regular routine and diet. I turned to InMode’s EvolveX Transform and Morpheus8 Body treatments to address those concerns, and I love the results,” she said. Watch the full interview above.

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